CogSci 2004
August 5-7
Tutorials August 4
Westin River North

26th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society

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The Cognitive Science Society will hold its 2004 meeting in Chicago, at the Westin River North Hotel. We encourage cognitive science researchers from around the world to attend CogSci 2004.

Overview of the schedule

Conference schedule in detail

Some Highlights:

Each year, in addition to submitted papers, we invite speakers who help to highlight some aspect of cognitive science. This year, we highlight higher-order cognition.

Plenary speakers will include
Doug Medin (Northwestern University)
Susan Goldin-Meadow (University of Chicago).

There will be a day of tutorials just before the conference itself.

Rumelhart Prize Winner:
John Anderson (Carnegie-Mellon University).

Marr Prize: The Marr Prize, named in honor of the late David Marr, is given to the best student paper at the conference. This year's winner of the Marr Prize is Florencia Reali, for the paper Structure Dependence in Language Acquisition: Uncovering the Statistical Richness of the Stimulus (Morten H. Christiansen, co-author). Two papers received honorable mentions: Thomas Griffiths, Using Physical Theories to Infer Hidden Causal Structure (Elizabeth Baraff and Joshua Tenenbaum, co-authors) and Michael Webb, Modeling Individual Differences in Category Learning (Michael Lee, co-author)

Co-located meetings: To facilitate interdisciplinary interaction, the following meetings have co-located with CogSci 2004:



Format of posters and talk length: Please see the Submissions page for details.

Regarding student volunteers: There was an enormous response to the call for student volunteers, with 85 students applying for the 8 positions. Those selected have been notified privately. If you have not been selected, we wish you good luck for the future, and hope to see you at the conference.  


Conference chairs:
Kenneth D. Forbus, Dedre Gentner, Terry Regier

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About the Society:
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