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Cognitive Science Dialogue

Dr. Tom Griffiths,
University of California, Berkeley


Dr. Matt Jones,
University of Colorado, Boulder

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Tuesday, February 21st, Swift 107

Bayesian Models of Cognition -- What do they really tell us?

Bayesian modeling is a powerful computational method for studying the human mind. In recent years, the Bayesian approach has made rapid gains across cognitive science. These models have been applied to a variety of cognitive problems, including causal reasoning, concept learning, and language acquisition.

However, the explosion of Bayesian models in cognitive science has also given rise to controversy. In a recent critique, Jones and Love (2011) argued that much of Bayesian modeling is uninsightful, because it largely ignores psychological processes and representations. Indeed, they compare “Bayesian Fundamentalist” approaches to Behaviorism, in that both ignore the mechanisms of cognition.

The dialogue will offer competing perspectives on the role Bayesian modeling should play in cognitive science. Dr. Matt Jones presents the challenge to Bayesian approaches, and Dr. Tom Griffiths, a leading practitioner of Bayesian modeling, will act as defender.

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