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Cognitive Science

What is Cognitive Science?

Cognitive Science is the scientific study of the mind, brain, and intelligent systems. This interdisciplinary field combines knowledge and expertise from computer science, psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, philosophy, anthropology, and biology.
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Advanced Fellowships

The Northwestern Cognitive Science Program offers fellowship support for graduate students engaged in interdisciplinary research in cognitive science. These three-quarter fellowships are awarded competitively, based on the quality of research proposed, on the candidate's qualifications, and on the interdisciplinarity of the research. Click below to learn more details about their advanced research.

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Recent Talks


Imagery-Based AI

How do children acquire a language? Decades of work have provided a roadmap of principles and mechanisms for early language learning as attested by small-scale laboratory tasks. But there is not yet a convincing empirical synthesis of this work that addresses both the systematicity and ubiquity of language learning and the variability of learning trajectories across children. In this talk I will describe some initial steps towards such a synthesis.

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A Discussion with Dr. Edith Hall

All Day, No Location

Join the Department of Philosophy and the Department of Classics for an informal discussion with Edith Hall, Professor at King's Colleg...

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Qualitative Representations: How People Reason and Learn about the Continuous World
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