• COG SCI 207 Introduction to Cognitive Modeling:
    • Instructor: Kenneth Forbus (Computer Science)
    • Introduction to artificial intelligence and cognitive science from a nontechnical perspective. Fundamental questions concerning thinking, beliefs, language understanding, education, and creativity.
  • COG SCI 210 Language and the Brain
    • Instructors: Matt Goldrick (Linguistics) & Mark Beeman  (Psychology)
    • The study of language and its biological basis from linguistic, psychological, and neuroscientific perspectives.
  • COG SCI 211 Learning, Representation and Reasoning               
    • Instructor: Dedre Gentner (Psychology)
    •  Interdisciplinary study of the nature of the mind with emphasis on learning, representation, and reasoning.
  • COG SCI 366 Cognitive Science Proseminar (2 sections)
    • Instructor: David Rapp (Psychology)
    • New and ongoing research in the field by Northwestern faculty.
      Prerequisite: consent of instructor.