Major in Cognitive Science

Required introductory courses survey basic phenomena and approaches; basic methodology courses impart the required methods of cognitive science; core courses provide foundations of disciplines within cognitive science; and elective courses allow students to pursue more advanced study in particular disciplines. A proseminar focuses on ongoing research in the field by Northwestern faculty, and qualified seniors will be invited to take a senior honors seminar to engage in independent research under the guidance of department faculty and to write a senior thesis.

Program courses

  • Required introductory courses (3): COG SCI 207, 210, 211
  • Basic methodology requirements (3): EECS 110 or 111; PSYCH 201; COG SCI 202
    • (PSYCH 205 can substitute for COG SCI 202)​
  • Core course requirements (3): 1 course from three of the following seven areas:
    • Artificial Intelligence: EECS 348
    • Cognitive Neuroscience: PSYCH 212, 361, 365, CSD 303
    • Cognitive Psychology: PSYCH 228
    • Learning Sciences: LOC 213, 313
    • Linguistics: LING 250, 260, 270
    • Philosophy of Mind: PHIL 225, 325
    • Music Cognition: Mus Thry 251
  • Proseminar requirement (1): COG SCI 366 (ideally taken in the Sophomore year)
  • Advanced electives (6): 6 courses, with at least 3 in one area (major emphasis) and at least 2 outside that area.

Note: Here is a list of advanced elective courses that have already been approved by the Cognitive Science Program. However, if you would like to count a course that you do not see on this list, simply contact the Cognitive Science Advisor Shayne Sloggett.

Note: Cognitive science majors who wish to double major must show a minimum of 11 courses not doublecounted in any other major(s). Cognitive science majors seeking a minor in another discipline cannot doublecount for that minor any courses used to meet the major requirements in cognitive science.